The initial product of our project is going to be the electronic Bundle of digital materials which will be clustered according to categories, types, and topics. More precise categorization will be possible in the process of project, considering the available materials. Once finished, e-Pool will be released as OER on the basis of Google Educational Apps. Designing the e-Pool, ABEDiLi is to found an electronic library, that offers:
  • Carefully selected materials and tools;
  • Displays outstanding quality;
  • Excludes security-related issues;
  • Will save time and energy of busy educators;
  • Will be available round the clock online.
e-Pool is available as OER in seven partner languages:
Serbian version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-se
English version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-en
Croatian version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-cr
Slovenian version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-sl
German version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-de
Finish version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-fi
Swedish version: https://sites.google.com/view/abedili-e-pool-sv
IO2 DEER (Digital Educational Escape Room) is an innovative training/teaching method that will be developed on the findings of IO1 e-Pool. Having analysed and tested the digital tools, we will implement the best-suited ones into the puzzles of DEER. DEER will consist of two parts:
  • the educational escape room itself
  • training course for educators on development of DEER
Digital educational escape room for learners "Letters save the world" is designed for the learners with low literacy levels starting from Alpha-level 4. The tasks and story are conceived in an easy language. It is developed as an XR product i.e. it can be played in browser in 2D and also in Virtual Reality headsets. If you play the game on PC or laptop, use Mozilla Firefox. Detailed instructions, information, tips and precautions are to find in GUIDE.
English  GUIDE
German  GUIDE
Swedish  GUIDE
Finnish  GUIDE
Slovenian  GUIDE
Croatian  GUIDE
Serbian  GUIDE
Here is ABEDiLi Youtube channel.
You can find all DEER files at ABEDiLi GitHub account.
Here is the list of links for the DEER in all partner languages:
English  https://hubs.mozilla.com/7KR3j6d/deer-lab-learners-english 
German  https://hubs.mozilla.com/R64E2ev/deer-lab-learners-german 
Swedish  https://hubs.mozilla.com/d2bRFDi/deer-lab-learners-swedish 
Finnish  https://hubs.mozilla.com/YxpW5fW/deer-lab-learners-finnish 
Slovenian  https://hubs.mozilla.com/6XJzuYd/deer-lab-learners-slovenian 
Croatian  https://hubs.mozilla.com/qY5YcFv/deer-lab-learners-croatian 
Serbian  https://hubs.mozilla.com/pkZ4DRp/deer-lab-learners-serbian
Digital educational escape room "Monsterescape" is designed primarily for adult basic educators. It is developed as an XR product i.e. it can be played in browser in 2D and also in Virtual Reality headsets. If you play the game on PC or laptop, use Mozilla Firefox. Detailed instructions, information, tips and precautions are to find in the DEER guide.
Here is the list of links of this escape room in all partner languages:
English  https://hubs.mozilla.com/eAdRVmk/deer-monsterescape-english 
German  https://hubs.mozilla.com/Xf64kHY/deer-monsterescape-german 
Swedish  https://hubs.mozilla.com/TtgcgtD/deer-monsterescape-swedish 
Finnish  https://hubs.mozilla.com/HVyYgZo/deer-monsterescape-finnish 
Slovenian  https://hubs.mozilla.com/TGyDsjH/deer-monsterescape-slovenian 
Croatian  https://hubs.mozilla.com/aZfv67V/deer-monsterescape-croatian 
Serbian  https://hubs.mozilla.com/7AGbwKF/deer-monsterescape-serbian
IO3 (“Train the Trainer”) is one of the core IOs in the project that will be designed almost parallel to IO2 DEER. The development of it can be initiated once the e-Pool is accomplished in order to embed the results into the teaching curriculum (IO3). It will be finished after than DEER IO2 to take the insights from DEER tests, as an innovative teaching method, and bring them into the training as well. The aim of the training is to bring the digital newcomers to pioneers providing them with necessary collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Train the Trainer: PowerPoint Presentation:
German language, Finnish language, Swedish language, Slovenian language, Croatian language, Serbian language

Train the Trainer guide English
Train the Trainer guide German
Train the Trainer guide Swedish
Train the Trainer guide Finnish
Train the Trainer guide Serbian
Train the Trainer guide Croatian
Train the Trainer guide Slovenian

IO3 - Report: Integrating digital into adult literacy practice - Primary research

IO3 - Guiding Principles for developing a Train the Trainer programme - Secondary research
IO4 Handbook is the final stage of ABEDiLi that will serve the purpose of guiding through the project IOs and the way they can and should be applied:
  • In further education organizations designing upskilling courses;
  • In everyday practice of educational trainers aiding the trainings conceptualization;
  • By basic skills educators in preparation and conducting the classes;
  • By all stakeholders interested in
  1. embedding digital tools from e-Pool in their activities,
  2.  implementing the innovative method of DEER.
Handbook in English language

Handbook in Finnish language

Handbook in Serbian language

Handbook in Croatian language

Handbook in Slovenian language

Handbook in German language

Handbook in Swedish language