Adult Education Centre Ormož


Adult Education Centre is an organization that was established sixty years ago and has continuously offered educational programs for adults to our citizens. We offer a lot of informal educational programs, national and international projects and different informal study groups for all ages…

Through national projects, our participants can attend computer and language courses and broaden or deepen their competences in these areas. Through employment agencies, unemployed participants can attend courses for CNC operators or forklift operators. Through programs for adults, we run University of Third Age, Intergenerational Centres and study circles. Through international projects (Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens), we include local citizens into many interesting project activities.

All our activities, workshops, lectures are intended for people of all generations.

For the work we have done in international projects implementation we have received the award Jabolko kakovosti from our National agency. This is the proof that we are a competent and reliable project partner, that we can apply for and implement good practice projects and that our projects have impact on all levels.

We are a member of Association of Slovenian Adult Education Centres.



Valo-Valmennusyhdistys is a national association improving access to learning, employment, wellbeing and participation in the society. We support and coach adults in improving their basic skills in non-formal environments, such as workshops and production school activities.

Our organization has several active development projects related to themes: Improving inclusion in society, validation of skills/competences in to the ECTs and further on to vocational qualification modules and full qualifications, learning paths and skills building for ex-offenders and people in recovery, improving basic (reading, writing, maths, IT) skills and wellbeing competencies in non-formal learning environments.